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GAMA Articulated All Terrain Forklift

The GM1200 forklift reduces the risk of accidents and damage by providing a stable, safe and balanced lifting platform that minimizes sway or vibration.

Beekeeping forklift GM1200, the perfect solution for all beekeepers. This purpose-built forklift is designed to make handling and moving beehives easier and more efficient. It combines power, comfort and precision to guarantee the highest level of performance.

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With the GM1200 you can navigate rough terrain and tight spaces with ease, allowing your hives to be easily transported from one apiary to another. Thanks to its sturdy construction, advanced hydraulics and superior lifting capacity, this forklift can handle beehives of all sizes and weights with ease.

This beekeeping forklift is powered by a reliable diesel engine that ensures optimum performance and longevity. Additionally, the GM1200 is equipped with a user-friendly operator's compartment and state-of-the-art controls for seamless and safe operation. Additionally, the forklift's advanced hydraulic system ensures precise load placement and safe lifting, preventing damage to the hives.

The GM1200 has a variety of features that make it stand out from other forklifts. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 1200 kg, allowing beekeepers to carry multiple hives on one trip, optimizing time and effort. Plus, the forklift's adjustable fork length and width allow for a secure and customizable grip, keeping your precious bees safe.

The GM1200 Forklift is a powerful and versatile machine that can lift and move loads up to 1200 kg (or 2640 lbs) with ease and accuracy. Its compact and ergonomic design enables it to navigate narrow and uneven spaces, such as apiaries, without causing damage or disturbance to the bees or their habitat. It also has a quick-change battery system for up to 8 hours of continuous operation, which means you can spend more time tending to the bees and less time charging or refueling the machine.

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