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GM1000 Beekeeping Forklift

1. This forklift standard capacity 1000kg.

2. We have years experience about Beekeeping market, use Kubota engine with EPA.

3. Special for bee hives moving, we design the forklift according to bees living habits.

4. It is lower noise and yellow lights in the night to protect bees.

5. Details advantage: ROPS canopy, sliding forks, hives clamp, tubeless tyres, big fuel tank, smoker holders.

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Introducing the versatile GAMA Articulated All Terrain Forklift, This GM1000 is specifically designed to meet the needs of beekeepers,the solution for beekeeping material handling, 2200 Lbs loading capacity.

Equipped with advanced off-road capability and beehive stabily technology, this GM1000 forklift is designed to ensure peak performance and maximum efficiency, delivering excellent value for your investment.

GAMA articulated rough terrain forklifts have reliable engines. Kubota and Perkins, as world-renowned engine manufacturers, provide excellent power and torque on this GM1000, allowing you to easily carry 2200Lbs loads. The engine is also designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs and ensuring longer equipment life. we can get their parts and service easily in every country.

The environmental emission of GM1000 forklifts complies with EPA and Euro V standards, and can pass the requirements of environmental protection policies in North America and Europe.

GAMA forklifts are exceptionally maneuverable, and their innovative design ensures precise control and easy handling. With its excellent turning radius, bigger approach and departure angles, you can easily negotiate tight spaces and rough roads, making it the perfect solution for outdoor beekeeping, hive handling and loading.

GAMA forklifts are equipped with advanced safety features including powerful braking systems, bee guard light combinations and seat belts. These features keep you and your workers safe while operating your forklift, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

GAMA forklifts are designed for comfort and convenience, with a spacious operator compartment that offers ample legroom and excellent visibility. Adjustable Toyota seats ensure operators of all sizes can use the forklift comfortably. In addition, the forklift is equipped with pilot-operated, electronically controlled handle for easy operation and a short learning curve for new drivers.

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting your beekeeping business, the GM1000 beekeeping forklift is one of your reliable equipment options.

Overall, the GAMA forklift is a machine specially designed for the beekeeping industry, which we are constantly improving based on feedback from hundreds of users, will become better and popular.


1. Heavy weight capacity: With a weight capacity of up to 1000kg, this beekeeping forklift can easily handle the weight of a full beehive without risking any damage or injury.
2. Maneuverability: The compact size and tight turning radius of this forklift allow you to move around tight spaces and narrow pathways, making it suitable for working in small bee yards and apiaries.
3. Easy loading and unloading: The specialized beekeeping attachment of this forklift allows you to load and unload hives with ease and precision. You can quickly lift, transport, and stack your hives without any hassle.
4. Improved efficiency: By using a beekeeping forklift, you can save time and energy spent on manual lifting and carrying. Instead, you can focus on more important tasks such as hive management and honey extraction, leading to increased productivity and profitability.
5. Safety: Operating heavy beehives manually can be dangerous, especially if you're dealing with aggressive bee colonies. By using a beekeeping forklift, you can minimize the risk of injuries and accidents while protecting yourself and your bees.

Technical parameter

Engine Model Kubota D1105 (25HP EPA) Rated load 1000kg
Hydraulic System Hydrostatic transmission Lift capacity  3.5m  height
Drive type 2 hyd-motors 4WD Mast   2 stage 
Hydraulic brand WHITE brand Made in Italy Mast tilt angle        F16°/ R18°
Max. breakout force 20KN Forks 1070*100*31mm (Heat treated)   
Max. Grade ability 40% Lifting time  8s
Steering angle 43°each side Tire specification 29*12.5-15
Fuel tank 50L Min. turning radius   2430mm
Hydraulic oil tank 50L steering system Type Articulated load-sensing hydraulic steering
Brake type disc brake on both axles Smoker holder       2 pcs
Parking brake      Manual internal expanding shoe-type Side slide trip        200mm
Gears shift (forward and reverse) 2 speeds switch(H/L) Bee hives clamp open 70-210cm
Max. Speed  16km/h LED Lights 6 white + 2 yellow
Overall dimension
(with forks)
3685*1230*2332mm Weight 1850kg

Deatiled Picture

GM1000 beekeeper forklift01

Hives clamp

GM1000 beekeeper forklift05

Kubota engine

GM1000 beekeeper forklift02

Yellow lights

GM1000 beekeeper forklift04

Toyota seat

GM1000 beekeeper forklift03

Smoker holders

GM1000 beekeeper forklift06

Traction and rear ballast


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