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GM908 Wheel Loader

GM908 Wheel Loader Main Configuration:

1. 800kg load capacity.

2. Perkins/Kubota 3 cylinders engine (EPA, EU-V ).

3. ROPS cabin with heater, LED lamp.

4. Hydraulic quick hitch (Q/H).

5. Pilot control.

6. Automatic leveling lift structure.

7. 31*15.5-15 TL wheel.

8. Four way pilot valve include extra tubes for hydraulic implements.

9. Electric button gear shift on pilot handle.

10. Different implements: bucket, pallet fork, snow blade, fork and grab.

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Designed for versatility, the mini loader can be used for landscaping, excavation, construction and agricultural work. Its compact size and maneuverability make it ideal for working in tight spaces without compromising performance. It combines power, versatility, safety and efficiency, making it the perfect tool for all your heavy-duty tasks.

With a loading capacity of up to 800kg, this mini loader can easily transport heavy materials such as gravel, sand and soil. Its four-wheel drive and low center of gravity provide excellent stability during loading and unloading operations.

Technical parameter

Engine Brand Kubota/Perkins Bucket 0.5m3
Rated power 18.5kw(24.8HP) Tipping load in shovel,vehicle straight raight straight 798kg 798kg
Rated speed 2800rpm Tipping load in shovel,vehicle at 68° 498kg
Maximum torque 67Nm Operating weight 1470kg
The ratio of fuel consumption 252g/kwhr The sum of the work device 8s
Dimensions Driving speed 0-12km/h
Body length 3690mm Minimum turning-circle radius
Body width(reverse tyre) 1050mm/970mm Outside face of bucket 1989mm
Body height 2300mm Outside face of tyre 1469mm
Minimum ground clearance 200mm Tyre specifications 31*15.5-15TL
Maximum dumping height 2000mm Maximum turning angle ±68°
Dumping reach 600mm Wheel base 1340mm


One of the outstanding features of our mini loader is its versatility. It comes with a variety of accessories, which means you can customize it to suit your individual needs. From standard buckets to fork attachments and even dozer blades, our mini loaders can be configured to handle almost any task you throw at it. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications including construction, landscaping, agriculture and more.

But that's not all - our mini loaders are also designed with safety and efficiency in mind. We understand the importance of safety in any work environment, especially those involving heavy machinery. That's why we manufacture our mini loaders to meet all safety standards and regulations, ensuring you can operate it with confidence and peace of mind.

Also, our mini loaders are very efficient in terms of time and energy. It is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system that ensures smooth and precise movement, increasing your overall productivity. With low fuel consumption and low maintenance requirements, our compact loaders are a cost-effective solution that can help you save time, money and resources.


What are the benefits of GM908 mini loader?
6 Benefits of Using a Wheel Loader.
High capacity in carrying loads.
Versatility in different applications.
Ease of operation.
Reduced operating costs.
Options for different sizes.
Low maintenance.

Deatiled Picture

GM908 Wheel Loader Main 01
GM908 Wheel Loader Main 02
GM908 Wheel Loader Main 03
GM908 Wheel Loader Main 04
GM908 Wheel Loader Main 05
GM908 Wheel Loader Main 06

908 Wheel Loader and Implements

GM908 Wheel Loader Main
GM908 Wheel Loader Main1
GM908 Wheel Loader Main2
GM908 Wheel Loader Main3
GM908 Wheel Loader Main4
GM908 Wheel Loader Main5

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