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GM910 Wheel Loader

GM910 Wheel Loader Main Configuration:

1. 1000kg load capacity.

2. China Xinchai 490 engine.

3. Hydraulic torque converter system.

4. ROPS cabin with heater, LED lamp, reverse camera, Option A/C.

6. Pilot control.

8. 400/60-15.5 tyre.

9. Four way pilot valve include extra tubes for hydraulic implements.

10. Electric button gear shift on pilot handle.

11. Different implements: bucket, pallet fork, snow blade, fork and grab.

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Our hydraulic 4WD mini loaders are designed to meet the demands of the modern market where speed and agility are paramount considerations. It has a powerful hydraulic system that provides optimum efficiency, ensuring high performance on every job. Its 4-wheel drive system provides excellent traction on even the most uneven terrain, making it the ideal machine for any construction site, landscaping project or farm work.

Technical parameter







Max. Speed


bucket capacity


Max. tractive force


ENGINE Model (29.4kW)

Xinchai B490BT

transmission type

Planet differential, first stage deceleration

Max. breakout force


Tyre specification


Max. Grade ability


Min. turning radius


Steering angle

32°each side

steering system Type

Articulated load-sensing hydraulic

Hydraulic transmission

Hydraulic torque converter

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM working pressure


Lifting time


Parking brake

Manual internal expanding shoe-type

Total time


Gear shift forward and reverse

step less speed reduce

Type of gear box

Axis-fixed, double reduction

Overall dimension


Fuel tank


Hydraulic oil tank



1. Enlarged operator cabin, with secure glass, is capacious and bright some.
2. Working table, water temperature, oil temperature, current, work timing are all insight.
3. Famous brand hydraulic components are adopted, tow gear oil pump work together, the power is driving and loading and dumping can change freely.
4. Adjustable seat, convenient and comfortable to use.
5. Rear and front body, with smell rotary radius, hydraulic steer, comfy and convenient to operate.
6. Hydraulic traction, the moving arm can leveled skids and expends digging range.
7. Completely have the all functions of mini type digging machines.
8. Ascendant performance of complete appliance, with extraordinary operation efficiency.
9. With which many kinds of optional components can be matched to meet requirements of different users
10. Science and comfortable working environment: Low noise, low vibration, comfortable seat, spacious driven room, convenient operation system.
11. Cushion design: Use plastic/sound-absorbing materials packaging on the steel plate, make the driven room as punch forming structure, and add cushion liquid cushion design inside, reducing vibration and driving environment more secure, stable.
12. Intelligent operation system: New type operation system, to maximize efficiency, reduce the fuel consumption, combination monitoring instrument to operation more directly. Using monitors combination with language and sign monitor, more accurately to see working condition.


One of the main advantages of a hydraulic 4WD compact loader is its size. These machines are smaller than traditional skid steer loaders, making them easier to maneuver in tight spaces or over rough terrain. Despite their small size, they are equipped with powerful engines and hydraulic systems that allow them to lift, dig and move heavy objects.

Another advantage of these small loaders is their four-wheel drive capability. This means they can tackle uneven or slippery surfaces without slipping or getting stuck. Their high ground clearance also makes them ideal for off-road applications.

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GM910 Wheel Loader7
GM910 Wheel Loader8
GM910 Wheel Loader9
GM910 Wheel Loader10
GM910 Wheel Loader11
GM910 Wheel Loader12

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